Project Description

qvident is a web-based surgical risk and quality management tool, designed to eliminate the “black box” of surgical visibility.

qvident provides clinicians with a comprehensive workspace for managing and leveraging surgical content to reduce risk and improve quality in the OR.

  • Advanced video editing features with full-text search within the platform

  • Mark key moments and add comments to studies, images and videos

  • Playback, review and export selected videos, images to PACS, HIS (DICOM & non-DICOM compatibility)

  • Create customisable report templates with parameters among multiple variables

  • Automatic creation of pre-populated reports

  • Store, download, print, and export reports in PDF, Word or Excel formats

  • Automatic combination of full video recording with key procedure data (e.g. event logs, vital data, images and videos) and advanced commenting and editing features directly on video

  • Combination of enriched protocol of the procedure with assessment framework into a Root-Cause analysis and easy creation of interactive best-practice procedures

  • Automatic creation of filterable dashboard for each surgery, O.R., physician, department and location

  • Compare performance to averages over time and identify trends for optimisation and risk mitigation

  • Easy useable dashboard that aggregates all connected devices and data usage for better insights and improved decision-making

  • Automatic creation of filterable dashboard

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