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Read about the St George Hospital Report

Safely reposition, turn and transfer your patients in and out of bed from both sides without any lifting

Safe patient handling solutions for ICU, ED and OR


  • Electric Brake handle – intuitive control handle for easy ergonomic use, energy efficient and back up friction brake

  • Continuous Charge – constantly charging and ready for use with power from pendant

  • Ceiling Real Estate – connected to one single structure which creates additional space for other medical products and aesthetically pleasing. Eliminates the need to install tracks in the ceiling.

  • Pendant Connection to GoLift – allows tubing and wires to easily move with patient during reposition/transfer operations. Ability to move the GoLift to either side of the patient to best suit the unique needs of each patient

  • Weight Capacity – 318 kg with a single GoLift, or 454 kg with two systems

  • Customisable – console with integrated rails, medgas and electrical outlets

  • Integrated Equipment Rails – mount accessories in any one of the integrated rails.

  • Topcap – prevents dust and bacteria from collecting and easy to clean round cover

  • Hinged Back Door – provides easy access to all internal components for hassle free maintenance

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